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How Peppy Pet Ball Has Revolutionized The Pet Toy Industry

  • Peppy Pet Ball’s highly acclaimed design takes old, lifeless pet toys into the 21st century. The built-in motion sensors, smart movement programming and tear-resistant design allow for infinite fun, even in your absence.

  • 1. Intelligent Reaction Technology Whenever your doggo is ready for play, it just needs to touch the ball. The sensors instantly activate the ball and an exciting game of fetch begins. No more anxious waiting for you to get home!

  • 2. Smart Randomized Action Your furry friend will get bored with a regular toy as soon as the novelty wears off. Peppy Pet Ball’s smart programming comes with randomized motion that never repeats a pattern. It will bounce, roll and always keep your pet guessing what comes next.

  • 3. Modern & Convenient Design The Peppy Pet Ball can be charged with any USB capable device. A single 1 hour charge will give your dog 8 hours of limitless fun. Peppy Pet Ball is also 100% safe to bite and is built from tear-resistant materials that make sure it is the only pet ball you will ever need.

Peppy Pet Ball Keeps Your Pet Happy and Healthy

  • Peppy Pet Ball is not just another pet toy. Yes, it delivers exciting, 100% automatic fun for your best friend. But it was created to keep your buddy happy & healthy in the long-term.

  • Pet health experts cite boredom and separation anxiety as the top reasons behind destructive behavior in dogs. They also hinder proper cognitive and physical development.

  • With Peppy Pet Ball you will be able to give your beloved pup a new friend that will keep its mind and body engaged until you are back together. It is an absolute must-have for any loving pet owner.

Peppy Pet Ball Works Alongside Your Pet’s Natural & Biological Desires

Both cats and dogs have a deeply rooted hunting instinct. This is why they prefer activities that have a chasing element. With Peppy Pet Ball you provide them with a toy that will simulate the randomness of ‘hunting’ an actual intelligent target. This satiates the inborn hunting instinct and keeps your beloved friend happy, content and active daily!

Award Winning Features

  • 100% Automatic Fun: This toy can be used by your dog without any assistance from you. More play and less anxious waiting for you to get home!

  • Super Easy Activation: A single nudge from your pet will activate the movement of the ball. It will keep moving for as long as your pet is engaging with it.

  • Multiple Movement Action: The Peppy Pet Ball is capable of both rolling and bouncing. The patterns of movement are completely randomized and will keep your dog fully engaged.

  • USB Chargeable: Just plug it into any USB capable device. WIth a single 1 hour charge, the ball will deliver hours of fun.

  • Waterproof: Fully waterproof shell means that the ball is very easy to clean and that your pet’s saliva will never damage it.

  • Durable Outer Shell: Unlike standard pet balls, Peppy Pet Ball is made from high quality tear-resistant material that won’t get destroyed by vigorous biting.

  • Never Get Stuck: Intelligent built-in sensors will change the ball’s direction of movement as soon as an obstacle is detected. It will never get stuck in unwanted places, leaving your best friend alone.

  • Automatic Sleep Function: The ball’s smart programming automatically turns off when it detects that it’s no longer being chased. This allows your pet to play until it’s tired or needs a break.

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Discover what other pet owners are saying about the Peppy Pet Ball

JUST A SHORT NOTE … to thank you for the long awaited delivery of my order. My two fur babies enjoy following Peppy around the house instead of sitting and watching TV! The toy is everything you claimed it was and I am very pleased with the product. It seems durable and I love that I can recharge it so conveniently.

Virginia S.

Dexter loves his pet ball!

Porfie M

We received our order yesterday. The dog is enjoying her new toy immensely! We are happy we ordered 4 rather than only 1.  The dog chases 2 at a time trying to keep both close. We appreciate the efforts made for this order and thank you for the deshedding brush. With a Shepard Husky mix it will Come in handy. We will likely order more products in the future. Thanks again

Jenevieve D
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Intelligent Pet Toy That Keeps Your Dog Happy, Healthy And Fit

The most effective way to keep your beloved pet engaged and satisfied while you’re away.

  • 100% Hands-Free Play: Your best friend can happily play ball even when they’re alone
  • Keep Your Pet Healthy: Give your dog or cat the daily exercise they need
  • Safe & Built To Last: Made from tear-resistant materials that won’t need a replacement after a few chewy play sessions
  • Alleviate Separation Anxiety: Give your pet attention even when you are away from home. Your little buddy will have a much easier time waiting for you.
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